Countering Fake News with Knowledge

Information on Misinformation, Disinformation, and Malinformation As news quickly propagates through the different online social media platforms without facing many barriers, fake news leads to an uninformed society. The notion of fake news is not novel, but social networks’ easy spreading makes them more potent nowadays than ever before. Additionally, fake news can either be […]

Trust challenges in social media  Social media platforms gained prominence as an essential technology for connecting people. Social media are centralised platforms that allow individuals to create, publish, and share content across an interconnected network. Additionally, social media are popular media for sharing information and news all over the world. Easy and quick information proliferation […]

CONF contributions to the traditional cloud industry “At the heart of the cloud strategy is a cloud-first approach with a secure, hybrid, multi-cloud service offering.” European Commission Cloud Strategy (source) Our last blog post discussed preliminary ideas of building a more open, fair, and trustworthy decentralised cloud marketplace for all service providers and customers. In […]

Vialog, the video opinion use case of ARTICONF, received a funding award from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, under the Sustainable Innovation Fund to fuel its research and development and aid the education sector with innovative learning solution. In the first section of this blog post, we introduce  Vialog’s problem-solution matrix in higher education. […]

Introduction The following narrative is a speculative exercise about possible future usages of social media technologies. It illustrates the work done in the ARTICONF project on how social media ecosystems better support social media activity, pro-social behaviour and the sharing economy. PART 1 — The Platform In 2030, as a European citizen, I will use […]

Social collaboration correlation with the engagement rate Businesses and service providers use social media’s ability to adapt their marketing campaigns and achieve a long-term strategic advantage. Setting quantitative and attainable expectations is critical to the success of every marketing or business endeavour.  By focusing on the data-driven effects of paid services such as Twitter Blue […]

Nowadays, there are two main car-sharing business models: The based station model requires parking vehicles at pick-up stations defined by the service providers or the local administration. In this case, the biggest constraint is starting and finishing the travel at these stations. Therefore, this model requires optimised distribution of the number of vehicles at each […]

Similarly to ARTICONF, HELIOS is a European project that aims to build a new paradigm for the development of decentralized social media applications. The ARTICONF project provides developers with a toolbox that facilitates the creation and operation of decentralized apps. The HELIOS project designs, implements, and validates a state-of-the-art, peer-to-peer federated social media network that […]

ARTICONF Partners ADAPT to develop Decentralised supply chain of medical protective equipment between Austria and China Earlier this year, it became painfully clear to many in Europe that the supply of face masks, gloves and protective overalls is by no means crisis-proof. A research team consisting of Austrian and Chinese scientists is now working on […]