–CONF inspirations to the traditional cloud industry “Over the last few years, the decentralized cloud market has emerged with the goal to displace public cloud service providers with cheaper, more secure blockchain-based compute and storage alternatives.” ABI Research Cloud computing provides flexible services based on pay-as-you-go business models. The traditional cloud market is maintained by […]

2020 brought the need to rewire society By forcing millions of people to stay at home and, for many, to work from home, 2020 saw a significant rise in the use of social media. The same year however highlighted the imminent problems social media is facing: lack of transparency, deficiencies of public control and dominance […]

This post discusses blockchain technology and reflects on how sociological ideas can help us understand it. It starts by a presentation of the most relevant technical details behind this technology, which is complex and non-intuitive. The text also covers some analyses about its origins and potentials, and concluded with remarks about the role of Blockchain […]

Social media platforms are key technologies for next‐generation connectivity and have the potential to shape and mobilise communication patterns. Major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have the power to censor users’ content even against the users’ wishes based on their terms of service. Furthermore, they monetise their users’ content and control […]

Data visualization is an excellent opportunity to reveal hidden patterns in the datasets

Social networks are a common platform that accumulates enormous volume, variety and veracity of data. Recent researches show that data produced by these networks have reached an unbelievable magnitude. For example, Facebook generates 4 Petabytes of data every day, i.e approximately million of gigabytes. Thus, obtaining meaningful insights from such a large volume and variety […]

            An ARTICONF Future Vision Big Data promises to transform Artificial Intelligence (AI) by providing immense volumes of data. The vision of Next-Gen Big Data Intelligence represents the main ingredient that fuels AI platforms and contributes to unleash its huge and still unexploited potential towards mass production and pinpoint consumption, with tremendous influence on our society.  […]

Due to the recent lockdown, by the end of Q2 2020, the global events industry (which includes trade shows, music festivals, large-scale meetings, among others) had suffered an estimated loss of US$145 billion and questions remain on whether (and how) large-scale events and public gatherings will take place from July onwards[1]. To attenuate this huge […]

How COVID-19 affects carsharing?

How will carsharing recover from the COVID-19? The COVID-19 outbreak has affected the sharing economy, including the carsharing and ride-sharing business models. For instance, if you want an Airbnb flat, you may want a special cleaning regime that guarantees complete disinfection. If you want to use Uber, which is a Ride Hailing service, you need […]

Adaptive cloud infrastructure for tackling COVID-19

In recent months, the COVID-19 pandemic brought people’s attention to global issues concerning important public health and social problems. One of the crucial issues associated with COVID-19 is security and privacy in data management. As people are bombarded with information coming from big social media platforms like, Google, Bing, Baidu or CDC, they do not […]

ARTICONF, a European consortium of universities and business startups, has announced that its core tools have reached important milestones. At this stage, access to the decentralised social media tools will be provided to developers who want to use them in their own applications. ARTICONF supports socially aware and business oriented decentralized social media applications development by […]