TRANGO is a service developed by the Agilia Center R&D team under the umbrella of the ARTICONF project. This services is based on a  multi-platform mobile application which gathers all these functionalities through different roles

Powered by blockchain technology, the system will evaluate automatically the service agreement and will release the money according to a decentralised decision based on different sources of information.

Supported by a machine learning  algorithm, the system will suggest to you the best location for your vehicle according to the demand prediction. This makes you increase the profitability of your vehicle. Moreover, TRANGO tries to reward users who change the previously established route pursuing to reduce the idle time of the vehicles.

At the forefront of the latest technology. Easy to use, easy to get revenues and impact on society positively

Value proposition

AI-driven mobile application that mixes car sharing and carpooling models allowing cost sharing and safe travel through direct trustworthy transactions among passengers.

Advantages of the ARTICONF use case technology

  1. Blockchain Powered System. Our blockchain network uses the ARTICONF BaaS Service based on Hyperledger Fabric technology to ensure the payments and to validate the service including the associated penalties.
  2. Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem. This system, based on machine learning algorithms, helps vehicle owners to increase the economic profitability by means of a better allocation of vehicles inside the city. The AI module is fed with data and analytics performed by the SMART tool inside ARTICONF environment.
  3. Reputation algorithm. The price and deposit for the vehicles depends on this reputation model that allows you to get a better price if your behaviour meets the service policies. The rewards and how to calculate and implement them relies on the TIC and SMART tool as part of the project development
  4. A social network for the users. TRANGO includes a social network for the customers where they can plan and schedule a travel, contact with the maintenance service and share their ideas with the community. The services uses the scalability provided by ARTIICONF to ensure the quality of the service in terms of time response