Trusted decentralized social network #ARTICONF provides a tokenized decision-making process and improves users’ engagement rate and return on collaboration over incentivized and sharing economy. Tools for Analytics and Cognition (TAC) ‘s primary purpose is to support intelligent analytics for decentralised social media applications, injecting additional information to improve the operational tasks.

Guided analytics for aggregation, cognition, and interactive visualization, providing users’ engagement rate and return on collaborative insights.

What we

Guided analytics

Guide the social media users with pattern prediction, risk quantification, and analysis to improve their revenue growth.

Return on investment monitoring

Return on investment is probably the most utilised financial indicator both in traditional and social media marketing measured through different tools, especially for short-term returns.

Return on collaboration

The Return on collaboration metrics microservice provides quantified values representing revenues relative to the capital invested in each functional area.

Return on investment monitoring and return on collaboration with TAC

Return on Investment (ROI)
– A key factor in the long term business success;
– Enhances investment efficiency;
– Strategic performance measurement;
– Concentrates on user engagement;
– Insights on business opportunity;

Return on collaboration (ROC) metric is an innovative quantified value representing revenues relative to each functional area’s capital invested.
– New innovative quantified value;
– Estimates stakeholders’ channel monetization through engaging users with trusted content;
– Users’ collaboration increment – potential revenue for the stakeholder;
ROC valorize the revenue through application user’s engagement activities;
– Engagement rate measurements;
– User engagement rate insight;

Measuring ROC provides users with a real-time cost per engagement analyses and defines their specific business application’s success indicators.

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