Crowd Journalism Use Case

Crowd Journalism Use Case

Empowering the general public with the necessary tools to provide live video coverage of breaking news events

Crowd Journalist Illustration
Go Live! Demo

Mobile APP for news video live capture and stream

  • No installation required
  • Friendly interface
  • Available in any mobile, browser, and available network
  • User registration possible but not required
  • Content ownership powered by Blockchain technology
Go Live! Demo
Classifier Demo
Classifier Demo

Interface for news videos live watching

  • Easy-to-use in any browser
  • Dozens of news videos supported simultaneously
  • Real time news videos selection and watching
  • Anonymous democratic classification
Marketplace Demo

Open News Videos Marketplace

  • News videos search, filtering and previsualization
  • Shopping cart and digital wallet management
  • Trustful, anonymized, and immutable transactions ensured
    through a Blockchain infrastructure
Marketplace Demo

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