Adaptive infrastructure provisioning

The Co-located and Orchestrated Network Fabric (CONF) component of ARTICONF provides a suite of micro-services that collectively perform the provisioning, monitoring, and adaptation of customized virtual infrastructures federated time and trust critical social media applications. It seamlessly integrates with cloud infrastructure to intelligently provision services based on abstract application service requirements, operational conditions at the infrastructure level, and time-critical event triggering.

Infrastructure planning

Deploying the same tasks on different types of infrastructure provided by cloud providers can lead to different results; in general, better virtual infrastructures can lead to better performance, but often at a higher cost. Therefore, planning for cloud infrastructure is important. An infrastructure planner for the Cloud should plan an optimal infrastructure strategy that meets the application’s QoS requirements and achieves additional objectives such as minimizing monetary cost or power consumption. For this reason, cloud infrastructure planning for time-critical applications is often more challenging than scheduling application workflows onto fixed infrastructure.

CONF plans infrastructures based on social media application requirements and adapts them swiftly in response to changing conditions, ensuring a sustained high QoS and continued satisfaction of requirements. CONF produces an optimized plan of virtual infrastructures for social media applications.

Provisioning Infrastructure over distributed providers

Most current IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) clouds provide dedicated virtual infrastructure resources to cloud applications with limited programmability and controllability, which enlarges the management gap between infrastructures and applications.

CONF provides different services and resources based on performance and reliability, taking into account locality of data sources to minimize data transfer and delays while ensuring a smooth operation of the highly distributed application.

Time-critical software deployment

Time-critical software, as a kind of software with strict time constraints, refers to the applications that must return results for time-sensitive events in time and respond immediately to changes in their operating environment.

Given a distributed multi-site social media infrastructure, CONF ensures efficient deployment of application services on resources close to the active infrastructure, specifically to ensure fast recovery in the presence of faults or performance drops. So, CONF performs optimized software deployment for social media applications.

Infrastructure monitoring, diagnosing and adaptation

Due to the cloud’s dynamic nature, continuous monitoring of Quality of Service (QoS) attributes is necessary to optimize cloud infrastructure operation.

The infrastructure provisioned by CONF monitors its own state, taking timely adaptation responses to failures, performance losses, or other trigger conditions. CONF allows systematic collection of information about the runtime status of the deployed social media applications and of their underlying infrastructure and network.