Scientific Publications

1. ARTICONF: Towards a Smart Social Media Ecosystem in a Blockchain Federated Environment:


2. Towards smart social media ecosystem in a blockchain federated environment:


3. Transactive Energy on Hyperledger Fabric:


4. Semantics-Aware Virtual Machine Image Management in IaaS Clouds:


5. Guided Analytics Software for Smart Aggregation, Cognition and Interactive Visualisation:


6. An Automated Customization and Performance Profiling Framework for Permissioned Blockchains in a Virtualized Environment:


7. TOTEM : Token for controlled computation: Integrating Blockchain with Big Data:


8. Multi-objective Container Deployment on Heterogeneous Clusters:


9. Co-located and Orchestrated Network Fabric (CONF): An Automated Cloud Virtual Infrastructure for Social Network Applications:


10. A Blockchain based Witness Model for Trustworthy Cloud Service Level Agreement Enforcement:


11. Knowledge-as-a-Service: a community knowledge base for research infrastructures in environmental and earth sciences:


12. A Semantic Model with Self-Adaptive and Autonomous Relevant Technology for Social Media Applications:


13. IC-PCP profiling: software and data set:


14. Learning Workflow Scheduling on Multi-Resource Clusters:


15. Large distributed virtual infrastructure partitioning and provisioning across providers:


16. Contextual linking between workflow provenance and system performance logs:


17. Linking provenance with system logs: a context aware information integration and exploration framework for analyzing workflow execution:


18. Operating Permissioned Blockchain in Clouds: A Performance Study of Hyperledger Sawtooth:

Public Dataset

1. Car-sharing Dataset 1.:



2. Car-sharing Dataset 2.: