Adaptive cloud infrastructure for tackling COVID-19

In recent months, the COVID-19 pandemic brought people’s attention to global issues concerning important public health and social problems. One of the crucial issues associated with COVID-19 is security and privacy in data management. As people are bombarded with information coming from big social media platforms like, Google, Bing, Baidu or CDC, they do not […]

ARTICONF, a European consortium of universities and business startups, has announced that its core tools have reached important milestones. At this stage, access to the decentralised social media tools will be provided to developers who want to use them in their own applications. ARTICONF supports socially aware and business oriented decentralized social media applications development by […]

A consortium of universities and start-ups target democratisation of social networks press release, Porto, 2 October 2019 ARTICONF, a pan-European consortium of universities and small businesses is launching its integration meeting today. The consortium was founded in 2019 with a € 4,2 million grant of the European Union Horizon 2020 grant with the aim to […]

Pursuing the research objective of a more unified and democratic social media ecosystem Facebook, Twitter and Co. are centralised platforms that are owned by private corporations and that control the respective networks unilaterally. An international project financed by EU-H2020 under the project leadership of Radu Prodan (University of Klagenfurt) aims to create a decentralised social […]

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